Fat Transfer to Face

Fat transfer to the face (or fat grafting surgery) is used to provide volume similar to filler injections. Unlike filler injections, fat has advantages since it is your own material and it does not dissolve in the same way as fillers and it usually results in a permanent result . It is now well recognised that ageing of the face results in atrophy of the soft tissue compartments of the face occurring from the loss of fat with age . Replacement of this fat is a very powerful tool which rejuvenates the face.

The fat transfer to the face (fat grafting) procedure can be carried out on its own in selected cases or in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as facelifts and eyelid surgery. Techniques have advanced over the years and now fat can be injected using very fine cannulas which is called micro-fat or nano-fat injection techniques. This allows precision and gives smooth and natural results while at the same time enhancing the success of the technique.

Mr Chana is one of London's leading comestic surgeons and has been performing fat transfer to the face surgery (fat grafting) for very many years, even before the technique became widely popular. Fat can be injected in various areas of the face which include the midface, tear-trough, temporal hollows, nasolabial grooves and the upper and lower lips. Apart for the volume enhancing effect fat transfer also contains stem cells which may improve the condition of the skin in many cases.

Local or General
Surgery time
1 hour
Hospital stay
Day case
Time off work
2 weeks
Full recovery
6 weeks
Best results
3 to 6 months
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