Breast Uplift with Implants

Some situations require combining a breast implant procedure together with a breast uplift. This is primarily for patients who request a cup size increase but have a droopy breast with a low lying nipple.  In this situation the nipple will need to be lifted in order for it to be positioned higher and in front of the implant to achieve a satisfactory breast shape.  This is a relatively common scenario post pregnancy or post weightloss.  However, some individuals may simply have a developmentally droopy breast.

Determining the degree of breast drop which is called ‘ptosis’ is critical to adequate planning of the procedure. Measurements are taken to determine the distance from the base of the neck to the nipple and also a determination of whether the nipple sits above or below the crease under the breast. If the nipple sits below the inframammary crease a mastopexy ( uplift)  will be needed at the same time as the breast implant procedure.

The combination surgery is quite complex with many factors to consider. The main issue is that large implants cannot be used together with an uplift . Depending on the chest dimensions usually a one to one and a half cup size increase is generally safe. If larger implants are required, it is best to stage the surgery by performing the uplift first then inserting implants 6 months later.

You can read more about combination breast implant and uplift surgery below. 

General Anaesthetic
Surgery time
2 and half hours
Hospital stay
1 night
Time off work
2 weeks
Full recovery
6 weeks
Best results
3 to 6 months
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