Rhinoplasty - Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is the medical term used to describe nose surgery or a nose job, which is a surgical procedure that is performed to enhance nasal shape. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed each year by Mr Jag Chana, a leading expert and a top Rhinoplasty surgeon in the UK.
In view of his experience and reputation in Rhinoplasty Surgery Mr Chana has frequently been invited to feature or comment in the National Press.
There are several different and personal reasons why male and female patients choose to undergo nose surgery, where the most common aesthetic benefits of Rhinoplasty surgery are to help improve the following:
  • - Making a nose smaller
  • - Reducing a dorsal hump
  • - Reducing the width of the nose
  • - Refining the nasal tip
  • - Shortening a long nose
  • - Reducing nostril size
Rhinoplasty surgery is a delicate procedure which requires very careful planning to achieve a result which is harmonious with the rest of the face. There are of course different facial characteristic between individuals and certain ethnic backgrounds. It is important to take these charceristics into account when planning any rhinoplasty.  During the consultation for Rhinoplasty surgery, you will be asked a general medical history including details of previous nasal injury or surgery and undergo a careful examination. Mr Chana will discuss which features of the nose make you unhappy before making an accurate plan for the Rhinoplasty surgery.
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Surgery time
1.5 to 2.5 hours
Hospital stay
1 night
Time off work
2 weeks
Full recovery
6 weeks
Best results
6 to 12 months
Price from
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